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  charles bray - painter and glass artist

Charles Bray, who lives in Cumbria, is a Fellow of the Society of Glass Technology and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is also the author of important glass art and glass technology reference books. He was born in Salford, a borough of Greater Manchester, in 1922.  He lived with his parents near a bustling cattle market, in a two-up-two-down terraced house.  Many of his relations lived in the same street.  His father was a lorry driver for Hovis Flour Mill and a practical man, teaching Charles many skills.  Charles became interested in mechanical things as a child and spent time at the local scrap yard and the Manchester Ship Canal.  These experiences, including his life as a sailor with the Royal Navy during World War 2 shaped his art styles later in life.  His mother was a great influence in his artistic development.  Being an accomplished musician, she taught Charles the piano. Although he failed the 11 Plus, he excelled at his secondary school, and later attended technical college and studied to belong to the Society of Designer Craftsmen. He then worked in the furniture industry, before joining the Royal Navy. After an adventurous life at sea during WW2, he returned to furniture making, but then trained as a teacher at the Emergency Training College, Freckleton, Lancashire. His interest became more focused on art, and this became his chosen course in life, although he once aspired to study at the Royal College of Music.  Henry Moore and Ben Nicholson would play their part in developing Charles' own style.  His entry into teaching was a reluctant choice, as he wanted to be a fine artist. Nevertheless he was a successful educator, both at secondary school level and as a university lecturer, and a pioneer of modern glass art and technology.   He currently works from his own studio in Cumbria. Contact the author at this link to obtain Charles Bray's full biography.  Please note that it will be supplied only by permission of the artist.





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